Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We headed to the a Wistria Lane (festival) on a spitting tuesday morning. Not the one where you'll meet Terri Thatcher but the one on the outskirts of Toyota town.

Wisteria is a type of vine flower that hangs down like grapes. This festival celebrates the blossoming of these flower just like the cherry blossom festival. The flowers are only in full bloom for about two weeks in a year, so since I didn't get too see the oh so famous cherry blossom, I was lucky enough to catch this one.

After about an hours drive from home, we arrived at this festival. We either missed the season cause we came too late or we were too early, there were only a handful of them hanging down.

There were 3 different varieties: purple, pink and white. Even though there wasn't a lot flowers, I thought it was pretty. Not sure whether the boys enjoyed it as much as I did. Here are some pretty pictures for your viewing.

There were purples ones...

and pink ones..

and white ones...

aren't they pretty.... i want some in my backyard...

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  1. Congrats on the job Chris! Hope you have fun. Will you be teaching children or adults? Working hours sounds a little bleh, but hey, you're in Japan, the land of crazy hard working people.
    Those wisteria looks pretty, we have some on our front entrance, but they look less pretty, and the leaves are a little different. Guess there's a difference between plant species on different continents after all.
    Keep us posted regarding the job. It'll be interesting to hear what working in Japan feels like. ^_^