Monday, July 13, 2009

Shopping maniac..

Shopping maniac season has started in Japan. The summer sale season officially began on the 1st of july. Ofcourse i couldn't go on the very first day cause i was busy working, busy, busy making some yen so i can spend on these special occasions.

Our plan was to get up early on sunday and be outside the department store when they have just opened their doors. But due to the late night beforehand, we struggled to wake up in the morning. We arranged to meet up with some friends at 9:30, but by the time we met was already nearly 10. A quick breakfast at maccas, and we were on way into the city.

All 4 of us yawned our way into Sakae in Nagoya, so a pit stop at starbucks was a must. Japanese people almost never eat and walk or drink and walk, and i always have trouble finishing drinks off quickly... So the guys had to wait for me to finish off my drink slowly.

We finally started our shopping frenzy at 11. The boys went to check out guitars and we girls were free to check out whatever we wanted.

Every department store had mega sales ranging from 30 to 70% off. The sale stocks are genuinely from the season that just past, unlike melbourne where some sale stock are so old that i dont know which season they are from.

There were rows n rows of shoes, i so regret buying anything earlier cause everything was on sale. All the woman were busy selecting.. Trying.. And buying.

Time flies when you are shopping. Me n Aki has not even finished 1 department store when we had to leave as dinner reservation was booked at 6 and it will take us atleast one hour to get there.

Me and aki went back but still didn't manage to finish the stores. I didn't actually get anything.. Maybe this coming sunday?

First Yen Pay...

Today (30th June 2009) i got my first foreign pay slip. Now i have never felt more worthy of my hard earned work.

My first job was working at a call centre. There i sat on my butt n talked all day. Then all the part time jobs that followed were pretty cruisey. Even working at our port melbourne shop i didn't feel this way. Maybe because i had family around me to keep insane.

Here.. I only have one person by my side. This is the first time where my working hours are until 9, and the first time i have to work more that 9 hours on saturdays.

i now feel how mum n dad felt.. And they worked more hours than me... I understand why on some days they are grumpy... Why on some days they get so .. Touchy.. They were working from 7 in the morning till 10 at night. Now which sane person wouldn't go insane after that. *sigh* thinking back at my little tantrums.. I really feel ashamed...

Now.. I will work hard... Not whine all the time... Will try my best not to throw silly little tantrums at mum n dad n nick... I miss them... Will make sure my first japan cheque reaches its full potential when they come to visit.


Unfortunately I still whine.. =P