Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We had dinner at a Japanese Pub 'Izakaya' one night. I think its the best place I have eaten at so far. Not sure whether was because of the great food, I was very hungry or the loud happy cheerful atmosphere it has.

The food comes in small portions, so you can eat and order then eat then order somemore.. alot of business men/women go there after work to drink till late.. There's a similar place in melbourne called Izakaya Chuji, but its really nothing like the real ones here.

Our yummy food:

Mayo Prawn

Grilled Pepper WIngs

Sesame Salad


Things on sticks..

last of all, my favourite drink. Its tastes nothing like an alcohol drink, but its alcoholic. It was nice... and it made me happy. =)

I would like to go back again. soon.

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