Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 7 Toyota Shi -> Tokyo (Shinagawa)

Our journey to Tokyo began at 5 in the morning, we wanted get to Tokyo as early as possible so we can make the most out of our day. It takes one hour of train from Toyota Shi to Nagoya, and from there we need to change to Shinkansen (bullet train) to get to Tokyo (another 1.5 hrs). I didn't realise that the transport fee is so expensive! it was 10400 Yen (one way) each for the Shinkansen ticket!! Any of you who wants to come to Japan any time soon, bring lots of money!

We booked our hotel at Shinagawa, so we stopped there first and put our luggage in the lockers at the train station. There are always many lockers at all the train stations, its convenient and safe to store things when you visit the city.

The visit started with Shinbuya. You know when you always see the busy crossing of neon lights, big TV screens on TV when people film Japan, well its located in Shinbuya. Its a hip district with lots of shops for the young people.

Shinbuya Crossing

We visited lots of shops, especially those well known to be popular with the Young people. It made me realise that I'm no long that 'Young' anymore, i really cant see myself with such loud and expressive clothes!! But i did buy something! haha, only because my feet really started to hurt after all the walking around! May I present you my own Onitsuka =)

While we were walking around, we accidentaly walked into what was known as the Love Hotel Hill. There, 'hotels' of all sorts scatter around. I dont think you need me to further explain what these hotel serve, they even have different prices to cater for different needs!

Is a rest enough for you?

I had the best Ramen so far at Shibuya, talking about it now makes me drooolllll... The soup was thick but not oily, the noodles were thin.. it was yumm.. too bad u cant have some! The funny thing about that shop was, you order your ramen from a vending machine, and then give the ticket to the waiter. I noticed afterwards that this kind of order system are actually very common at street side stores.

Ramen Noodle Ordering Vending Machine

Yummy Ramen

We then headed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This is a good place to have a birds eye view of Tokyo for FREE!!! haha, we're cheapskates.. You can see all the major buildings around.. i really cant remember any of it.. apart from Tokyo Tower...
The Building
The View

We then headed to Roppongi for the 'Night Life'. We were both dead tired so no more energy for drinking or partying, walked around and saw lots of restaurants and bars. This is the place where westerners come and have a HUGE night!! We just wanted some food. We settled for a YakiTori restuanrant up the stairs somewhere. It was EXPENSIVE!! Firstly you HAVE to order a drink (softdrink or alcohol), the food was not bad but there a 540Yen cover charge per person!!! I've never ever been to a restaurant where you get charged for just going there!! I feel so ripped off.. hence i will not post any pictures of their food..

By the time we got to our hotel, it was already 10:30. This was a HUGE day, and we were dead dead tired. My feet could barely move.. and soon we were snooring away...

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