Monday, May 25, 2009



guess what. i just felt my very first earth quake. We were watching a drama series after dinner about 2 hours ago, and all of a sudden the whole place started to vibrate..
It was unreal. I was in shock after that. I didnt even have time to react before it was over.

Although the earth quake was only had about 1degree in magnatude, it was big enough for me! Freaked me out a little, what am i going ot do if it gets bigger!

This has made us realise that earth quakes do happen here! haha.. yes its for real.. and we should really go get our earth quake pack ready.. sometime soon..

But i'm ok.. alive and kicking still! Dont worry!

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  1. Japan the earthquake country lol.
    If it helps you rest at ease, they've also got some of the world's best anti-earthquake technology in their buildings, so whereas here everything's likely to topple on us with the slightest shake, the buildings in Japan probably can withstand quite a bit before they tumble down around you.
    Still, make sure you have an earthquake plan ready, just in case =P