Tuesday, May 19, 2009

last day in TOkyo

The last day in Tokyo was spent going to places where obviously the rest of Japan whom was on holiday also wanted to go. We checked out of our hotel and placed our luggage at the train station lockers again.

Our first stop was at Tokyo's most famouse temple the 'Kaminarimon'. My goodness it was really crowded. There were two rows of little stores along the side of the path which lead up to the temple. They sold things from kids toys to kimonos to mochi to other jargons that I have already forgotten. It felt alot like shops outside temples in china, 'funny' quality at sky rocket prices. I didn't buy anything nor did I ask the prices, so don't take my word for it.

There's a famous saying that goes 'while in rome, do as romans do.' So at the temple I did exactly that... doing wat everyone else was... And it went something like this...

1.I ate stuff on sticks

2.I shook n shook n got my lucky stick, from the the number on the stick I got the paper that was suppose tell my fortune. I couldn't remember what it said now. So I followed everyone n tied this paper on the rail... I hope the good fortune comes true... And the not so good ones comes between the good ones so I don't feel too bad.

3. I rubbed the gold man n wished for... A secret. I prayed for grandma who is a big buddha fan.

4.I washed my hands to clean them from my sins.. Or from the dirty food stains previously... Just kidding!

From there we headed towards the hip n fashionable n strange part of Tokyo. This is where girls gather dressed up like maids all guys want one at home. There are not only maids but also anime characters.

We met the crowd right after we got off the train. The was a queue just to get out of the station!it was not much better outside, infact it was worse! The popular street was chokeblock. We followed like sheep and got stuck in the traffic jam. We got pushed forward, then backward, the

n forward, then backward. After 20min, we still couldn't see light at end of the tunnel, mr. Tallish saw a side lane n we sneaked out. The only interesting thing we saw there was a cute street bands, disappointsingly no maids for you.

Our last destination before home was at a ramen museum at Yokohama. Yokohama is about 30min train ride from where we left our luggage. I think I was told its the biggest city outside Tokyo. The day was getting late so I didn't get time to visit the famous china town. The museum is set in a 1920s tokyo street with 8 different ramen shops selling styles from all over Japan. There queues outside each store.guess what, the queue outside the most popular shop was long... So long that we waited 60 minutes.

Does the photo look like it was worth the wait? Because the taste sure wasn't.

Our three day Tokyo trip was long..and tiring but it was well worth it.

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