Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I havent been updating lately...
I get lazy..
and I dont think many ppl read it..
so.. i get even more lazier..

but i will update more.. cuz i went to

WIll update soooonnn..


  1. That's not true! I read it! Wait...I just realised I'm not "many people". =P
    Oh well, at least you know you'll have one loyal reader lol

  2. Hey darl!
    I'm reading too! Very interesting blog indeed, brings back so many memories! I WANNA GO BACK!
    One thing I've noticed is that almost all your dishes have a generous amount of spring onion sprinkled over them hehe.
    Anyway great news on the job front, at least it'll further advance you in experiencing Japan (the true blue way, whatever that is hehe)
    well, take care darl and I've write back soon. Where's my reply from the email I sent you?
    P.S did you hear the exciting news yet?
    HUGS! xoxo