Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Officially 25... Officially getting old.. but not yet wrinkly....

To all of you dear friends back down under, thank you for thinking of me on my birthday. I missed spending time with mum n dad n nick, but i was kept busy with my new met friends so i didn't feel so alone in this far away land during the day.

I met up with two other Toyota partners from Melbourne, and spent most of the day in Nagoya. We had coffee at a cafe where the barrister had worked in Melbourne before. I missed Melbourne coffee, i didn't think you could actually get good coffee like you could back home, but to my surprise its pretty good. Lunch was at a restaurant that sold everything Toff. Tofu steak, Tofu croquet, Tofu salad.. Alot of ladies like this shop i guess i dont need to explain why.

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself, before long i was rushing home at 5:30 to catch one hour train to get back to Toyota city for my birthday dinner. I didn't get time to change and headed the restaurant straight.

We booked a Japanese 'soul food', it was recommended by one of our friend. Apart from a company party that was happening behind us, the atmosphere was really romantic. And the food, beats the Melbourne ones by miles!

Birthday Girl wit h MENU

A salad, nothinginteresting

Creamy Crab Salad

Raw Fish rolled in Pickle

Now thinking back, i really should have taken the names of the dishes down. My english decription doesnt do them any justice. Man.. 'raw rish rolled in pickle' just doesnt soun

d all that appealing.

The next dish might be a little controversial. But, thinking that its dead already anyway.. if i dont eat it, someone else will eat it for me..then it means i miss out.. can you guess what it is?

Grilled.... Whale Meat..

Whale meat is like eating very tender beef .. a little chewying.. with fishy taste... its a interesting taste.. but i wouldnt say i love it... I really want to try Horse meat sashimi.. no

t daring enough to try the blow fish sashimi.. bt vken said its his favourite jap food so far...

Sashimi Platter (luv Prawn Sashimi)

Sweet Egg and Pork Pork

(nice the first few mouths, then it got a lil too sweet)

I really enjoyed dinner. The food was yummy.. and the company was even better..

Now i shall wait patiently for my present to arrive.. =P

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