Thursday, June 11, 2009

wroking... or slaving..

It's 10:30 n Japan right now, most of you back in melbourne are probably already in bed, yet here i am still sitting on the train on the way home.

The train at this time is still packed with people, many of whom are businessmen and students who have just finished their day. All of the ones sitting either reading, playing with the mobile or with their heads dropping down sleeping. There are also a few standing chatting away, their faces bright red. Guess where they have just been?

Work has been alright. The students are great, the Japanese English Teacher is very sweet... But the company is not the best. I guess its only when you have worked for a crappy company, you start to appreciate and realise what ppl mean when they talk about a company who value their people. After i give u a quick run down, you can tell me what you think...

My working hours are from 1 until 9 tue till fri, and on saturday i work from 11 till 8. I only get paid for 25 hours a week, and i need to be at the office a min of 4.5 non paid office hours. The classes range from 40min to 60min and are always scheduled hourly. That means i dont get paid for the left over time from each class.

............... This is now the second night ............... I am again on the train, so i will continue from yesterday............

Everyday, i must be at work on time at 1, regardless if i have a class then. Anytime i don't have class beween my classes, i dont get paid. If my student doesn't turn up for class at the end of the day and he is my last class, i can't go home. I don't know why ... But i think its a very silly rule to say the least...

With such unfair working conditions, the only thing keeping me sane are my students.

i have students of all ages and types. The young ones are so young that they still have bladder control in class. There are also university students who study at the nearby Nagoya university. Then there are housewives who want to study for fun... Lastly come the business men who come because of work .. I even met a CEO today.

The kids classes are the easiest to prepared, they dont require that much thinking. Its mainly playing games and maybe a few new words per lesson.

The adult lessons are the ones that require more thinking. Planning to have time for games, theory, listening and lastly practise.

The private one on one lessons are the ones where i try to do the least talking. I plan a little, but i want to talk the least so they can practise. Some topic a actually quite interesting.

So this is a summary of how work has been so far... Its late dinners and late nights... But i'm keeping myself busy... So busy that i don't haemorrhage time to breath! Looking forward to terminator this sunday and transformers next sunday!

miss u all lots...

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