Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Training Day

Somehow i can never wake up when i need to do something during the day, and today was no different. I felt extra extra exhausted when the alarm went off in the morning. If i go back to sleep, it probably means i would be 100% late. Being late in Japan is definitely a no no, so i need to change a lil n be on time, so i dragged myself out of bed.

I'm teaching in a language tutoring school called 'GEOS'. They are one of the big four language schools in Japan. My working hours are tue till sat 1 till 9pm. The school itself is about 40min train ride away.

One of the training managers met me at the station, and walked with me to the school. Its about 15min away, thats further thats n i'd have preferred. I think i will start to bring a change of clothing, atleast comfy walking shoes so i can run for the train at night.

The training started with the manager going through the different levels and book. Then we made a few lesson plans we had for later.

The first class we had was with these young kids who were around 10. You should see the faces of the parents when they were introduced to me. They were all shocked to see the Native English Teacher (NET) looking more like a native japanese chic w dyed hair n size of a peanut.

The rest of the day was not too bad. There were 3 classes altogether, one for little ones as i mentioned earlier, another one with intermediate level (one high school girl n a 30 year old lady who was obviously not impressed with the fact that I was Japanese looking) and the last class was with advance students who knew what they were doing. Another class was cancelled due to whatever reason which is good news for me.

The latest class finished at 9, by the time the manager tried to teach me to do more paper work, it was 20 past. I ended up catching the 50 past train home.

Here i am blogging on the train back home, still haven't had dinner yet. Its been one long day, cant wait for food the bed!

my classroom

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