Sunday, June 28, 2009


Before i arrived in Japan, i told myself that i will not eat any international junk food while i am here. I thought, why eat something that you can get at any part of the world, instead i can eat local food with better quality and variety.

But after numerous persuasive comments from Mr. chin, i gave in to the constant ' try... Its different ...i'm serious.' and there i was sitting inside a maccas in Japan.

The menu looks more or less the same with all you big macs, mc chicken and cheese burger. But what we dont have bac home is whats called 'McEbi'. Anyone guessed what it is yet? For the ones who understand japanese, you are right, it a shrimp burger.

The size of the ebi burger is similar to that of the fillet-o-fish, so its not that terribly big. And its definitely not big enough the aussie blokes. But the size was just right for me.

And heres a picture of the half eaten burger.......

The filling of the burger tastes a lil like the prawn toast topping. Or the prawn dumping you get at yum cha, but less firm. And the taste is not bad at all.

I was told the big macs tastes much better here too, because the pattie is much fatter
and 100% less healthier. But i haven't yet tried.

My first ebi burger experience is almost one month ago now. Since then, i have been back numerous time. Its cause the chicken pieces are so cheap there. Its only 100 yen! I usually only need 2 and a salad for lunch.

So now, my no international junk mission have complete failed....

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  1. Hey my lovely, is it just me or is this turning more into a food blog? =P