Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trekky Not..

After being deprived of the cinemas for 6 months, we went there with a few friends last saturday. This was the first time going to the movies in japan for both of us.

The bigger cinemas are in the city, so we made our to way nagoya city. There are a few huge shopping malls near nagoya station, each with their own high end brands. The movies were located on the top floor of one of these places, i couldn't remember the name of it.

We bought the ticket to watch the 1pm session of 'Star Trek'. Like all places japanese, you cannot be late for the movies. You need to be seated about 10min before the movies starts. That gave us jst 40min to grab something to have for lunch.

There are always many restaurants in the main train stations. In Nagoya station there's a ramen street where there's 8 stores each selling their speciality with ramen and soup of different thickness. We chose one that had no queue and one that had cold noodles. It cooled us down from the humid weather on that day.The lunch must have only taken us 15min max.

Movies are more interesting with popcorn n ice cream. Here they have caramel coated ones! They are not like the ones you have back in melbourn where they get stuck to your teeth, this one is crunchy n sweet.. I loved it.

Surprisingly enoguh, the movie itself was pretty good. I actually enjoyed the whole 2 and half hours of it. This does nother mean i've become a 'Trekky'.

The movie ended at nearly 4... We headed for some at a local chain like starbucks but slightly cheaper with the price. We found our conversation were never ending, and decided to continue onto dinner.

Dinner location was recommended by ken's aussie work mate the night before. He said it was the best japanese food he's ever had. I'm not really sure about that...

We reached the so called 'drunken racoon' simply because we didnt know the name of it, but it did have a huge red sign with a racoon holding sake. Entering the place we expected to be greeted n seated, but no one appeared. Instead we had a choice of 6 different types of mini eat outs each with a chef and about 10 seats surrounding the counter, there was sushi, yakiniku, things on sticks, teppanyaki and others i don't remember.

We managed to find our man, he had an Aussie flag hanging on the wall. He did teppanyaki. We had all the recommended dishes.. Cheese crepe, butter scallops, aussie beef, butter pipis... Plume chicken.. And i couldn't really remember the rest. The food was good but defiantly not not the best i've had. The company was much better! Here are my new met melbourn friends.

It was a great day out with my new friends... But i definately have not forgotten about you.

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