Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 6 Alien Registration

For all foreigners entering Japan, you must register yourself as an 'Alien' within 90 Days of entry. With Ken on holidays, it was much easier to go with him. My Japanese is pathetically pathetic at the moment! although I aim to improve ASAP. (if im not lazy)

There were heaps of people at the municiple office, as you need to register for all sorts of things here.. ie. moving in and out of the city, going overseas, aliens.. yaddiyadda..

While waiting for our number to be called, we went out to a random ramen (noodle) shop to have brunch. Even the street side store's food was good!! I reckon its as good as the ramen we get at Kenzan.

We found some useful information back at the office, health guides, city guides... and i stumbled upon this interesting guide on restaurants around Toyota-Chi. =)

So are you Chinese? Korean? Curry? hehe...

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