Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 3 Nagoya Interview

The interview in Nagoya was scheduled at 12.

In order not to be late, i was told to be in Nagoya city by 11. =) haha. I left the house at 9:30 and got to Nagoya just before 11.

I headed straight to the basement of Takashimaya to grab a bite..

I was told that japanese people have alot of rules.. you cant walk and eat.. you cant walk and drink... so i had to look for a table to sit with my food.. i searched up and down in and out..and coudlnt find anything!! there was 40min till my interview, so i took up the courage to ask..

my goodness.. the lady had NO idea what i wanted... she showed me a eat in place .... so i gave up. i ended up sitting bside the escalator with all the old ladies and gobbling down my food..

before i headed out to the interview office.. i had to .. go to the little ladies..

the signs were clear enough for me to find my way there..
bt it was a different story all together inside..
everything .. EVERTHING was electronic..

1. the seat is warm!!
2. there r 4 different buttons bside the seat from 'fake flushing sound'. 'butt spray'. to 2 other ones that i couldnt figure out..

in the end, i couldnt even find the flush button!! sorry to the lady coming in after me.. =.="

the washing basin had sensor tape, sensor foam dispenser and hand dryer all in one.. why dont we have these???!!

the interview went well, results will be out this friday.. so wish me luck!!


  1. Yay! I'm the first follower! lol this is bad for my stalking tendencies.
    Great to hear you're discovering all the little Japanese quirks. Wonder why they don't allow walking and eating...... and why would they have a button for fake flushing sounds for when you're on the toilet? Wouldn't that confuse people when they're waiting in line, having heard the flush, but don't see the person inside come out??
    Nehoos, wish you all the best with the job (hope you'll hear favourably from them on Friday), and don't forget to post those photos!! =P

  2. hehe.. actually i been trying to figure out how to upload fotos..
    still yet to take one of these facinating toilets!

  3. So did you like the butt spray? Was is warm? Was it scented? What scent was it?

  4. GG, the fake flushing sound is supposed to be used to disguise the unmannered sounds of - you know. But what I find ironic is that by using the sound disguise you're really exposing the fact that you are in fact taking a dump. Funny Japanese.
    I'm sure all of you have heard my high praise for the toilets in Japan, no surprises anywhere anytime! (except in your case Chris, you have just broken their long rank!)