Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 4 Obu Interview

Day 4 was spent on another interview..

To get to the interview place, i changed 3 different trains and took me one whole hour..

The lady in charge picked me up from the station.

I spent the morning mingling with 2/3 year olds, as they will be my clients if i were successful.
As you all probably know, i'm not exactly static with kids.. but it will be good if i get this job as it's a job with normal working hours and i will have sat n sunday free.. unlike some others where i have to work till 10 and have satday not free...

will hear back from them after Golden Week holidays. (Golden week is a whole week of holidays for the Japanese people from 29th April till the 3rd May)

I headed back home and managed to buy my own lunch! (photo above)

On another note, i got some information from the previous interview on how to be professional as a female in Japan:
1. Japanese expect professional women to wear make-up
2. Long hair should be tied up neatly. A black, brown or metallic, professional-looking hair-clip is best
3. Be careful of the fit of the blouse. It shouldnt be see-through or too revealing.
4. Trousers are permitted, but skirts are considered more professional. It is advisable to wear a skirt to trainings and meetings. The skirt should be about knee0length. No flowing or wrap dresses.
5. Spiked shoes, think heels, sandals, sling-backs and open toed shoes are unprofessional.
6. Skin toned tights even with trouser suits. No bare feet. No black nylongs. No socks.

---hmm.... interesting indeed....


  1. Wow the Japanese sure have a lot of rules, which is fine with me, when I don't actually live there.
    lol about the kids. Are you appying to be a kindergarten teacher? Either way wish you all the best.
    P.S. YUM! (points at the food...)

  2. Skirt is more professional than trousers?? No black nylongs and no bare feet??
    I don't think I would last there long as a working professional!! haha
    You'll be fine with the little toddlers, think of Nick (you must miss him - a little? hehe)