Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my mega adventure from 2 month ago...

This was another adventure filled weekend. It started after work on saturday, i met up with a few friends in the city to get my boots for our Fuji climb. This was my 4th time there just to get them. And finally i actually got them. Here it is.. I better get some good use out of this cause it wasnt cheap!

The weather was terribly hot n humid, i felt like i just got out of the shower. My back was wet, and my shirt got completely soaked. The humidity was almost 90% then, it felt so much worse than malaysia.

Our dinner was booked at an 'all you can eat n drink' japanese bbq restaurant. It was located right next to my work so i had to walk all the from the station again. The weather really didn't help with the long walk to the restaurant.

The restaurant was located at the old Sapporro beer factory. Funny enough its right next to my school, and i had just found out one day earlier that its a lamb bbq restaurant. No wonder there are always taxis banked outside after my work every night.

The hall was huge, it must have been big enough to fit two three hundred people. There were heaps of people, many were already drunk.

I forgot to bring my camera so i couldn't take any pictures. Almost all the alcohol was free flow, so were the lamb and the beef and pork. The boys had beer after beer.. Then more beer.. They even had a drinking competition.. We were there until the waiter asked us to leave for the 10th time, and he even said it english just so we had no excuses of not understanding.

Knowing i had an early morning the next day, i was ready to start heading home. But everyone had more plans. Not wanting to spoil the atmosphere i followed. We ended up at a karaoke bar.

There, we drank n we sang. We drank and sang till the early hours of the morning. I was completely exhaused.

The last train had finished long ago, home was far far away... After a very expensive taxi ride we finally got home at 2:30. 3 years coming home at this time was unthought of, the party had just started. Now i finally realise.. We are getting old.

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